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One Company – Full Compliance

River CIty Fire Doors are full certified and licensed by the (QBCC 1308299) Queensland Building Construction Commision to install, repair, inspect fire doors and penetrations for residential and  commercial buildings.

River City Fire Doors performs Fire Door and Penetration inspections, Fire Door and Penetration Maintenance, Fire Door and Penetration Certification, Fire Door Replacements, Penetration Repairs along with facilitating the Supply and Installation of locks, door closers, and seals.

We have an excellent team of dedicated staff, each staff member brings something different to our business that promotes a great atmosphere and ability to problem solve with a work ethic as good as it gets.

You will see this good environment and work ethic shine through to the quality of service work & accountability throughout our business.

Installing protective fire systems is precision work, that requires a licensed trades person with considerable knowledge, experience and understanding. Our expert installation team ensure quality installed protective system in conjunction with tested systems & prototypes.

We specialise in providing systems & solutions for a vast array of projects across all building classes & types of constructions.

We believe all Passive fire systems should be selected with a holistic view of the whole building.

Our Services

River City Fire Doors offers a variety of services to cover all our customers’ requirement. Whether you need Inspections, Maintenance, or Certification for Fire Doors/Shutters & Penetration repairs, maintenance and certification, you can get it from the experienced work team at River City Fire Doors. Our services also include:

  • Fire Door Installation
  • Fire Door Inspections
  • Fire Door Repairs and Maintenance
  • Fire Door Certification
  • Fire Door Replacement
  • Fire Door Profiling
  • Supply and Installation of Locks, Door Closers, and Seals
  • Guarantor security availability

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