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Question: My fire doors are installed with deadbolts. Is this allowed?
Answer: The Australian Standard Does Not Permit the use of Deadbolts on Fire Doors, and until they are removed the door Will Not Be in Compliance with AS1851-2005. Deadbolts can cause an unnecessary delay in the event of a fire, endangering the occupants of the building. All fire doors are required to be Self Latching. Depending on the situation, the Deadbolt can be removed from the door and replaced with Approved Hardware.

Question: Do you offer replacement doors for fire doors containing asbestos?
Answer: Absolutely! Once Disturbed Asbestos Is a Dangerous Substance and we are Fully Certified to handle Asbestos. In an effort to preserve and maintain the Health and Safety of Australian Workplaces, we offer Full Replacement Services for any doors found to contain Asbestos. This has been a growing concern among Business owners lately because of the inherent dangers of Asbestos. Contact Us today to see how we can help you out.

Question: I don’t think my Fire Doors are up to scratch, I’m a bit worried they may not pass…What should I do?
Answer: Don’t Panic, contact us here at River City Fire Doors and we can organise an Inspection. From there we can offer advice on Repairs or Replacement. We offer a high level of service designed to make sure you meet Compliance!

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