Fire Door Installation from Quality Suppliers in Brisbane

Most people never notice fire doors. They usually pay more attention to doors marked exit. Yet fire doors may be among the most important doors in a shop, an office building, or an apartment building for that matter. These doors form part of an important passive fire protection system. It’s important that as a store or building manager, you ensure these doors are up-to-date, in good shape, meet all required standards and codes, and most important—they are never locked.

If you have any needs relating to your fire doors in Brisbane, speak to our team. We offer a wide variety of services including:


Our team have years’ worth of experience with fire door installation in Brisbane. As a vital part of safety codes your building will need to have functioning fire doors. Brisbane has clear regulations to comply with and our team are experienced with ensuring your fire doors are in compliance. If you’re in the process of construction, renovation or need to replace a door and you’re looking fire door suppliers in Brisbane our helpful team can help you.

Replacement & Maintenance

Whether your need is for fire door replacement in Brisbane or fire door maintenance in Brisbane, you need to find a company who can provide you with all these services contact River City Fire Doors. We can replace your old doors or do maintenance on your new ones. If you need to get your doors certified or inspected, we can handle that as well. Our talented and dedicated staff will help you through every step of the process. We can ensure that all your fire doors are up to code and in tiptop shape.


Why is fire doors inspection in Brisbane so important? Your business should have regular inspections as the ability of fire doors to protect against fire can diminish over time. As such it’s important to conduct regular fire door inspection in Brisbane to let you know if your doors need to be replaced or repaired. Ensuring you keep up keep up regular inspections and maintenance of your fire doors is important both to comply with safety regulations and to ensure safe egress in the events of an emergency.


River City Fire Doors also conducts fire door certification in Brisbane. Our experienced team will conduct an inspection and advise you whether any maintenance or replacement work is required. If your fire doors meet the required standards with all aspects in working order our team will provide you with certification.

A One-stop-shop for all your fire door needs

If you need fire door installation in Brisbane, regular maintenance checks, repairs or inspections, River City Fire Doors is the company for you. We have over 15 years of experience dealing with this industry, and our staff is extremely experienced and knowledgeable about fire door issues. We offer impeccable customer service and excellent prices. When you hire us for any fire door need, our dedicated team will be in and out before you know it. We aim to cause as little disturbance as possible while doing a professional job. To talk about your fire doors, contact us today.