Where to Find Fire Door Suppliers and Installation in Ipswich

When it comes to fire safety, one of the first lines of defence for any building is a fire door. Fire doors are manufactured to withstand fire spread, allowing for building occupants to escape without being exposed to fire or smoke. Whether completely solid, or made with a special composite core, fire doors have special seals that seal the doors upon impact with heat. These seals keep out the fire and smoke, which could otherwise leak through the edges of a regular door. Fire doors are an absolute necessity in any building, both for the protection of its occupants and because Australian law requires them.

If you own or operate an office building that doesn’t have fire doors, you’ll need to contact fire door suppliers in Ipswich immediately. At River City Fire Doors, we have everything you’ll need for proper fire safety, and we can handle any fire door installation speedily and accurately. Don’t compromise the safety of your building’s occupants. Contact us today for fire door installation in Ipswich.

We Offer Fire Doors in Ipswich As Well As Maintenance and Inspections

The goal of our business is to provide Australia’s office and public building with safe, high-performance fire doors. These fire doors are a major aspect of any building’s passive fire protection, which acts as one of the components of fire safety. The purpose of passive fire protection is to contain fires and slow their spread using fire doors, and fire-resistant floors and walls. With the utilisation of these fire-resistant components, fires are compartmentalised and contained for enough time to allow occupants a safe path to escape. Without passive fire protection, fire and smoke could spread very quickly throughout a building, making it difficult for people to breathe and escape safely.

Being one of Australia’s leading fire door suppliers and installers, we offer every piece of advice you’ll need for proper fire safety and passive fire protection. We supply and install all components including door frames, door stops, lock sets, and much more. Along with installation, we’ll handle your fire door inspections, focusing on accuracy and speed. We want to provide thorough inspections that offer minimal interruptions to your building’s occupants. Our team of technicians has the skill and experience to get in and get out quickly.

Safety First

At River City Fire Doors, our primary goal is to outfit your building with proper fire safety. We want to ensure that your building and its occupants have protection from fire and smoke in the event of a fire. Our doors are meant to provide a safe and secure route for escape while containing fire and smoke until firefighters arrive. We’ll provide proper installation and maintenance, abiding by fire codes and Australian law.

Safety comes first, but we’ll also provide quick service. Our team of trained technicians and installers will get the job done quickly with minimal interruptions to your occupants. For more information on our services, call us on 0419 822 755 or fill out our contact form here.