Fire Doors are Necessities for Safety. Check Out These Fire Door Suppliers for Installation in Sunshine Coast Buildings

There are three parts to building fire protection: active fire protection, passive fire protection, and fire prevention. Each aspect is vital to proper fire safety and building codes. Active fire protection usually involves automatic fire detection and suppression protocols such as alarms and overhead sprinklers. Fire prevention includes the minimising of ignition sources as well as education on emergency procedures. Passive protection involves the use of fire-resistant walls, floors, and fire doors to contain fires and slow their spread inside a building. Fire doors are one of the keys to sealing off a fire from occupied spaces, which allows for safe evacuation. A fire door can contain a blaze, thanks to its heat-activated seal, which prevents smoke and flames from moving throughout a building. Fire doors are one of the first lines of defence against a fire and the law requires them for occupant safety.

If your building doesn’t have fire doors in Sunshine Coast, you need to remedy that situation immediately. It goes against multiple fire codes and Australian laws and is extremely unsafe for you and your fellow occupants. At River City Fire Doors, we provide a professional fire door installation service to Sunshine Coast buildings and offices, ensuring a quick and thorough install of your passive fire prevention products.

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If your office building doesn’t feature these fire doors and other fire prevention protocols, you and your occupants are at serious risk. In the event of a fire, your building’s occupants won’t have a safe exit and risk exposure to dangers including smoke and flame spread. Without proper fire containment, a fire can spread quickly and make it difficult to find an escape route. With our fire door installation services, we’ll provide you with state-of-the-art doors to contain and slow the spread of a fire.

There’s no question that a fire door is a life-saving product. While no one walks into a building expecting a fire to occur, they happen frequently, and you must have your building outfitted for these events. Because of their life-saving nature, professional, trained technicians who those understand fire codes and regulations should install fire doors. After installation, our team will run through inspections and tests to ensure that your doors are working properly. Don’t wait to get your building up to code. Our fire doors could save your lives.

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As fire door suppliers, our goal is to create safe and protected environments for our customers. When we install fire doors in a building, we ensure proper installation so that in the event of a fire, they do their job correctly. We believe that passive fire protection is key to fire safety and, as suppliers, we take our services seriously.

Along with installation, we provide maintenance and repair services, as well as thorough inspections on your existing doors. Call 0419 822 755 to find out how we can assist.