For Fire Door Inspection, Certification, Maintenance, and Replacement, Use This Sunshine Coast Service

If you occupy a building, safety is surely important to you. Whether it’s knowing that you parked your car in a secure location or that your belongings are safely stored in your desk, feeling safe is the key to a productive day of work. One of the most important aspects of safety is fire prevention and protection. If you work in a large building with many occupants, there’s always a chance that something or someone could accidentally start a fire, leading to panic throughout the building.

If your building isn’t up to code when it comes to fire safety, even a small fire could result in significant damage and danger to the building’s occupants. With office buildings, flames and smoke resulting from an uncontrolled fire can quickly spread, putting everyone at risk. To prevent this from happening, Australian codes and laws dictate the necessary safety protocols for public buildings. These include alarms and sprinklers, as well as fire-resistant walls and fire doors.

Fire doors are a vital part of passive fire protection systems in buildings. These doors seal off flames and smoke from other areas of the building, creating a safe and secure escape route for occupants. In the event of a fire, a properly-working fire door will seal itself, preventing smoke and flames from leaking through the cracks and into other rooms. These doors are crucial to fire protection and need to go through regular certification and inspection to ensure they are working correctly. At River City Fire Doors, we provide fire door inspection for Sunshine Coast buildings, while also offering maintenance and replacement when needed.

We Also Offer Fire Door Certification in Sunshine Coast

In accordance with AS1851 2012 and Australian law, fire doors must go through regular inspection and certification to ensure they are in proper working order and won’t malfunction if a fire occurs. At River City Fire Doors, we’ll regularly certify your fire doors and passive fire protection systems so that your building stays up to code and your occupants are safe.

Along with certification, we offer fire door maintenance for Sunshine Coast buildings. In the event of a failed certification or malfunction, we can handle your door’s maintenance and make sure that it properly protects your building. If your door is beyond repair, we also offer full fire door replacement for any Sunshine Coast building. Our team of skilled technicians can supply and install all your replacement doors and door parts. We work quickly and quietly, working to minimise interruptions for your building’s occupants.

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Keeping your fire doors certified and working properly is a must for any building in Australia. Let our team at River City Fire Doors handle your inspections and certifications as well as any repairs or replacements that are necessary. Our business’ goal is to keep our customers safe, and we take our jobs seriously. Fire protection is crucial for any building, and we work to provide the best protection available.

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