Get Your Toowoomba Building Up to Code with Fire Doors from River City Fire Doors

A fire door’s normal use is just like any other door in your office building. However, unlike regular doors, fire doors must be able to protect people throughout the building from the spreading of harmful smoke and fire
. Fire doors are meant to keep a fire contained in the room it starts in and not reach other rooms or areas. A working fire door will protect occupants and allow for a safe, secure escape route when a fire occurs. Without proper fire doors in your public building or office, people won’t be safe, and you’ll be in violation of Australian law and multiple fire codes.

If you’re looking for fire doors for your Toowoomba office building, look no further than River City Fire Doors. Our team of professionals offers a wide variety of services for all your fire protection requirements, including fitting and installation of new fire doors. We recommend that you have your fire doors installed by licensed professionals, as it pertains to QBCC law. We’ll handle your installation as well as any required inspections, repairs, and maintenance speedily and accurately. Fire protection is our sole business, and we believe that we are one of the best when it comes to fire door installation. We want to protect your building as well as its occupants, and you can be assured that we’ll take your installation services seriously.

Don’t wait to have your new fire doors installed in your Toowoomba building. Keep your building and its residents safe from harm. Let us help you make it happen – call us on 0419 822 755 today.