Let This Company Handle the Fire Penetration Service on Your Brisbane Building’s Fire Doors

In any business or residence, a building’s fire safety is critical. It’s necessary to keep your fire safety precautions in good condition and up to date. Otherwise, in the event of a fire, your building’s inhabitants could be at risk. One of the most crucial points for fire safety is a building’s doors. Fire doors can help slow down fire and smoke from spreading throughout a building. Properly maintaining these doors can help protect you and everyone else in the residence. In the event of a fire that breaks through or damages these doors, you’ll need a team of professionals to come in and perform a fire penetration service on your Brisbane building. This service ensures that your doors are repaired or replaced and can still adequately protect against smoke and fire spread.

At River City Fire Doors, our team of trained pros understand every aspect of fire prevention and penetration service. We offer repairs and maintenance on fire doors, as well as certifications in accordance with Australian law. If your doors are beyond repair, we also handle replacement and installation of brand new fire doors. We can supply and install everything from doors to door stops to stainless steel door hinges. We’ll help you keep your Brisbane building up to code and keep you and your fellow inhabitants safe.

To learn more about our fire penetration service as well as our installation and inspection services, complete our handy contact form or call 0419 822 755.