River City Fire Doors offers a variety of services to cover all our customers’ requirements. Whether you need Inspections, Maintenance, or Certification for Fire Doors/Shutters & Penetration repairs, maintenance and certification, you can get it from the experienced work team at River City Fire Doors.

Fire Door Installation

River City Fire Doors recommends that the fire doors should be installed by licensed fire door installers as per QBCC law.

Fire Door Inspections
With every fire door inspection, we focus primarily on Speed and Accuracy. This gets us in and out in record time with minimal interruption to the occupants of your building. We’ll work with you on a schedule of your choosing so as to avoid undue distractions in the workplace.
Our fire door Inspection Technicians are equipped with the most up-to-date tools and equipment to provide Efficient, Accurate Inspections. We’ll provide you with a full report as soon as the inspection is completed in full compliance with Australian Standards.

Fire Door Repairs and Maintenance
Fire Door Maintenance is one of the cornerstone services offered by River City Fire Doors. We’ll make the necessary repairs and be out of your way in no time. You can trust the qualified, experience of our team at River City Fire Doors.

Fire Door Certification
In accordance with AS1851 2012 and Australian law, all fire doors must be Inspected and Certified regularly so as to ensure that they remain functional and won’t malfunction in the event of an emergency. River City Fire Doors offer Certification for Fire Doors, Penetrations, and Passive Fire Protection Systems for all doors.

Fire Door Replacement
With a full line-up of products made from the highest quality materials, River City Fire Doors sets a new standard for modern Fire Door Replacement and Installation. We can provide fully Guaranteed fire rated doors to fit requirements for Single Leaf, Double Leaf, Sliding Doors, Acoustic Doors and Sealed Smoke Doors.
All of our doors are available with an option of multiple finishes to suit your needs. We also offer Non-rated doors upon request for instances where a Rated door isn’t required. Including Sliding Fire Doors, Fire Rated Shutters & air transfer grills

Fire Door Profiling
River City Fire Doors can now offer our clients the new state of the art profiling system. We can offer Door Supply and Installation for New Projects, Door Replacements, including Fire and Smoke Doors. All the doors are measured on site then machined in the factory. From the factory they are delivered and installed by our Qualified Installers. We can also provide a Painting Service.

Supply and Installation of Locks, Door Closers, and Seals
Fire doors must be self closing and Self Latching according to the Australian Standard AS1905 and this often requires new hardware for your fire doors.

At River City Fire Doors, we provide supply and installation of:

  • Doors
  • Door stops
  • Door frames
  • Door closers
  • Head latches
  • Auto flush bolts
  • Lock sets and handle sets
  • Fire rated air grilles
  • Fire seals
  • Thresholds
  • Roller bolts
  • Acoustic seals
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Strike shields
  • Striker plates
  • Roller bolts
  • Panic bars

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