Fire Protection for structural steel

Installation of fire rated materials in many forms to achieve intended FRL (fire resistant level)

  • Promatect H
  • Promatech P100 & 250
  • Cafco 300
  • Cafco WB3
  • Promat paint 120

Fire Protection for Ductwork

Installation of fire rated materials to protect ductwork used for Hvac throughout buildings

  • Promat Promatech L500
  • Promat Vermiculux
  • Promat Promaspray 300

Fire & Smoke containment barriers

Installation of containment barriers to achieve a required fire rating

  • TBA Firefly Titan
  • TBA Firefly Phoenix
  • TBA Firefly RS
  • TBA Firefly Intubatt
  • Promat Bulkhead Batt
  • Promat L 100
  • Promat Promamesh & cafco300

Passive fire protection consultancy

Service provided to Developers & Principle Contractor at:

  • Design stage
    Insuring that all systems in respect to passive fire protection are fit for purpose & tested by CSIRO
  • Construction stage
    Insuring that all subcontractors are supplying you with required information in conjunction with NCC & QBCC legislation
  • Rectification stage
    Outlining rectification in accordance with you class of building & new proposed change of design that are cost effective

Inspections & Audits

Passive Fire Inspections, upgrades and certification to ensure all aspects of your building are compliant.

Our Passive fire inspection and installation reports outline all non conformance as per AS1851.12 / 2015, QDC-MP6.1 and what was required at the time of construction.


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