Find Passive Fire Protection Services in Brisbane: Fire Doors, Fire Collars, and Certification

Fire safety is an essential aspect of any business plan. Having a plan prepared for a fire emergency and thinking through the ideal way to deal with it is one way to make sure people using the building will be safe, but passive fire protection features can do a lot to combat fire danger and damage as well. Whether you need to install new equipment or update and maintain existing passive fire protection equipment, getting a reliable system in place can go a long way towards minimising damage from fire.

When building new spaces, it’s especially important to think about how you can make sure your plan is up to the highest fire safety standards and has everything you need in place to get the most protection from fire risks. When looking for fire protection services around Brisbane, there are a few key components you’ll want to pay attention to.

Common Passive Fire Protection Components

Among the different tools for passive fire protection, fire doors are perhaps the most central. These self-closing, self-latching doors provide a clean barrier between sections of the building, which stops the spread of fire from one part of a building to another. They’re available in a wide variety of forms and can be made to fit for particular structures, which makes replacement a bit easier.

Beyond this, locking systems and fire collars can provide extra protection against fires. Fire collars help stop the spread of flames, gas, and smoke through plastic piping. These collars can help prevent dangerous gas and chemical fires from causing more damage in a building and are an effective way to prepare for a fire emergency. It should go without saying that all these components require proper installation, maintenance, and inspection. In fact, AS1851 2012 and Australian law requires that fire doors be inspected and regularly certified to keep them up to date. That means it’s essential to find a reliable provider for passive fire protection in Brisbane and experience is one way to know you’re working with an installation or repair crew that will get it done right.

Reliable Fire Protection Services in Brisbane

No matter what kind of fire protection services you’re looking for, from fire collars for your Brisbane business, to fire door certification for an apartment building, River City Fire Doorscan install, repair, inspect, and certify all kinds of fire protection equipment. Our experienced team focuses on getting repairs or installations done accurately and quickly so you can get back to work right away knowing you’ll be well protected in the event of a fire.

As one of Brisbane’s most trusted fire door providers, we’re fully licensed by the Queensland Building Construction Commission and have a customer-focused team that will work with you to address your fire protection needs. We’ll work around your schedule to make it as easy as possible to do the required maintenance or installation of your fire doors. One of our most appreciated services is our state of the art profiling system which makes it easy to measure doors on site and then machine them to order in the factory. So, if you need speedy and accurate passive fire protection services, get in touch with River City Fire Doors today.